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Quality Chain 1026 5lb Cobra Ladder Cable Tire Snow Chains

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Carbon Steel
Passenger Cobra(TM) is a cable chain product line specifically designed for snow/ice covered roads use only. The tough carbon steel rollers provide traction and long wear. Together with that the low profile steel rollers allow increased tire-to-road contact, resulting in better stability, plus a considerable reduction in noise and vibration. The chain is designed for use on vehicles having minimal clearance availability and is totally galvanized for rust protection. The product is designed to be used with original equipment tires with high tread and meets the Class S from the SAE traction device standards.
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    Engineered For Use On Autos Having Minimal Clearance Availability
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    For Snow / Ice Covered Road Use Only
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    Designed For Use w/Original Equipment Tires w/High Tread
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    Totally Galvanized For Rust Protection
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    Features Tough Carbon Low Profile Steel Rollers
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    Increases Tire-To-Road Contact
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    Gives Better Traction
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    Offers Better Stability
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    Results In Considerable Reduction In Noise And Vibration