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Gila Professional Window Tint Tool Kit

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Our tools help you get DIY results you can be proud of, with less stress and in less time. That’s because Gila pays attention to details, just like you. From the low-lint cloth included with our ready-to-use solution to the specially designed trimming tool in our Complete Window Film Application Kit, you'll see we've anticipated your project needs and done our best to meet them.
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    WORKS WITH ANY AUTOMOTIVE WINDOW TINT: Created for better results, whether you're working with longer lasting adhesive film or reusable static cling film
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    READY-TO-USE SOLUTION: Packaged in a 16oz spray-trigger bottle. Our application solution is great for preparing the glass prior to install and for the film application to your window. No need to add water
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    CUT THE FILM LIKE THE EXPERTS: The included ergonomic utility knife makes it easy to trim the film and has 12 snap-off blades so you will have a clean blade for every piece of film you cut
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    INCLUDES A LOW-LINT CLOTH: Reduce the hidden particles and debris before you install the film
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    3-in-1 SQUEEGEE: A squeegee conveniently designed to use when preparing the glass and installing the window film. You can be confident in knowing you can squeegee down the hard-to-reach areas of the glass.