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1-24 of 3312 Results


      Ball Joint - Lower

      The Importance a Lower Ball Joint

      Your vehicle's lower ball joint plays the essential role of connecting the suspension to the wheels of your vehicle. Similar in design to the human ball and socket joint that connects your leg to your hipbone, the lower ball joint allows your car to comfortably pivot and turn when you control the steering wheel. While virtually every vehicle uses lower ball joints, some use both upper and lower ball joints. The lower ball joint takes on more wear and tear than the upper ball joint as it handles the vehicle's load and absorbs shock while you drive. If the time for a replacement has come, you're likely wondering, “Where can I find lower ball joints near me?” At AutoZone, we carry a large selection of affordable, high-quality auto parts so you can find the best lower ball joint for your car in no time.

      Regular Inspection

      Replacing your car's lower ball joint is not a normal part of your vehicle's routine maintenance, so you will need to check it regularly for any signs of deterioration. Additionally, depending on the type of ball joint, you might need to grease it. It is a good idea to inspect and grease your lower ball joint every time you change your oil and filter. If you notice the rubber boot is torn or missing, it's very likely your ball joint is worn as well. Some ball joints have a wear indicator to let you know if you should start considering a replacement. You should also check your tires for irregular wear patterns. If your ball joints are worn, you'll likely notice feathering or wear on the inside of your tires. Another indicator of a worn ball joint is a knocking noise when driving over uneven roads. As soon as you are able to confirm your ball joints are worn, replace them immediately to avoid complete ball joint failure. Take a trip to your local AutoZone or visit us online to look through our stock of the best lower ball joints for cars and trucks.

      Affordable and Reliable

      Make AutoZone your first and last stop for lower ball joints and whatever other auto parts you need. We offer high-quality parts from brands you know and trust for an unbelievably low price. If you ever have a question or want advice on what gear is best for your vehicle, don't hesitate to approach any of our friendly, knowledgeable AutoZoners. Best of all, you can enjoy the convenience of finding the lowest prices on lower ball joints from the comfort of your home when you use our mobile app or visit us online. Whether you shop online or in store, we'll get you what you need fast so you can get your car up and running as quickly as possible.