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    1-24 of 34 Results

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    Your Honda Civic was designed to be absolutely comfortable for everyone on the inside. Unfortunately, rides aren't going to feel so comfy if you're dealing with a faulty Honda Civic ball joint. To improve your vehicle's performance, head over to AutoZone.

    Ball joints for Honda Civic need to be replaced once they exceed your manufacturer's allotted allowance for movement. If your car starts to pull in one direction or if there's an annoying clunking sound, it's time to get the replacement part you need at AutoZone, which has everything you need for your vehicle such as free battery charging and engine diagnostic testing. Other beneficial services for you to utilize include Same Day Store Pickup and home shipping.



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    Installing the ball joint was a somewhat easy task. The black rubber part of the ball joint is packed with grease and slightly bigger than the opening you have to install it in. But being careful and little by little it squishes right in. I absolutely hate this type of locking clip! I always struggle getting them on without overstretching it or warping it. Mine, I hope, is still on mine but I had to smash it back in place due to it getting stretched and not flexing back all the way once installed. So one end of it is sort of hanging out of the indented slot its suppose to lay down in completely. Never the less though, the ball joint hammered right into place after a bunch of wacks with a hammer. Beforehand I inserted the ball joint into the hole I grabbed some sand paper and sanded the heck out of the opening for the ball joint. I had some crud build up, which would of prevented it from hammering all the way down. I only know that for sure since I already did the other side and wore myself out trying to get the ball joint knocked all the way down enough to reveal the cut out ring for the clip to sit into.

    What kind of vehicle do you drive? 1998 Honda Civic LX 1.6L