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1-24 of 3103 Results


      Control Arm - Lower

      Smooth Shifting for a Smooth Drive

      Experience steering issues? You may need a replacement lower control arm. Get back in gear right away with help from AutoZone. Shop our selection of the best lower control arms for cars and trucks, available at prices that won't break the bank.

      Warning Signs

      You're on your commute. Today is a surprisingly good day. The sun is shining, temperatures are comfortable and you're not encountering the typical morning bumper-to-bumper freeway traffic. You're about halfway to work and you're feeling good when suddenly you notice that the steering on your vehicle is a little off. Or a lot off. Maybe it's vibrating, giving off weird clunking noises or causing your car or truck to wander or pull a little to the left or right. Chances are, you've got a lower control arm problem. Left alone, these issues impact driving comfort and performance. The vibrations are certainly unpleasant, but they can also affect how well you brake, accelerate, turn and maneuver. Although you may not get into an accident, these inconveniences are enough to sideline your vehicle and ultimately leave you dead in the water.

      Trusted Parts

      So, you're here at AutoZone because you searched “lower control arms near me.” You know that AutoZone is American's top retailer of auto parts, accessories and other gear. Check out our wide selection, packed with first-class components from trusted brands like Duralast, Rare Parts and Rein. Our own label Duralast has a 30-year history of superior quality beginning with its starters and alternators, and that same dedication to performance and craftsmanship is present in each lower control arm model. In its mission to offer every possible part for every vehicle that's been produced, Rare Parts provides a comprehensive range of components that meet or exceed OEM specifications. Dedicated to superior quality standards, German manufacturer Rein Automotive has produced OE replacement parts for several decades. These are just a few examples, but you get the idea. No matter what part you select, it offers the dependable performance you need to get back on the road fast.

      Low Prices and Expert Help

      Not only that, AutoZone has the lowest prices on lower control arms along with all the other gear you need to get the job done. Whether it's bushings, bolts, jacks, wrenches, screwdrivers, gloves or anything else, AutoZone has you covered with budget-friendly prices that make any maintenance, upgrade or repair project easier on your wallet. Save even more money through our AutoZone Rewards program, which lets you earn future savings with each purchase. Can't find what you're looking for? Count on our AutoZoners to give you the advice and help you need. You can find them at your friendly neighborhood AutoZone location or online. To enjoy convenient shopping and fast delivery to your home or office, shop our website or mobile app today.