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1-7 of 7 Results


      Jeep Wrangler Control Arm - Upper

      Fearless and always ready for an off-road challenge, your Jeep Wrangler is built for the most rugged types of terrain. Address suspension problems quickly to maintain your vehicle's performance. Get all the quality parts and accessories you need at AutoZone today, including replacement control arms for Jeep Wrangler.

      The primary function of a Jeep Wrangler control arm is to connect your vehicle with its front suspension. When problems occur with this component, you're likely to experience banging sounds when turning and driving over bumps. Other common red flags include loose steering wheel and unevenly worn tires. Get the most out of your Jeep with a quality Wrangler control arm replacement - you find them today at your neighborhood AutoZone. We're all about providing the right products at the right prices to put you back in the driver's seat with savings and confidence every day. Take your pick from our in-store selection and benefit from free battery charging and engine diagnostic testing at the same time.