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      Lug Nut

      Find a Replacement Wheel Nut at AutoZone

      Wheel nuts connect the wheels of a vehicle to studs and axles. Each wheel nut distributes pressure and prevents other nuts, bearings or studs from being exposed to excessive pressure and becoming damaged. Find the best wheel nuts for cars and trucks from brands such as Dorman, McGard and Mr. Gasket at AutoZone.

      Shopping Tips

      Choose from hardened steel or chrome specialty wheel nuts designed to match the wheels of your vehicle or create the look you want. Be sure to check the seat style and compare the length of new wheel nuts with parts currently installed on your vehicle for the right fit, particularly if you drive on aftermarket wheels. You should replace any damaged or missing wheel nuts to ensure that the wheels of your vehicle are securely connected. It may also be necessary to replace wheel studs that are broken or have damaged threads. Be sure to use the right amount of force when tightening replacement wheel nuts. Loose wheel nuts can imbalance or otherwise undermine wheel integrity, while too much torque or uneven torque may stretch wheel studs or warp brake rotors.

      Keys to Installation

      In a pinch, you can temporarily tighten wheel nuts with a short lug wrench. You should still finalize the installation with a torque wrench. Confirm the wheel torque specifications for your vehicle to ensure that nuts are properly tightened. If you are replacing all of the nuts on a wheel, do so in a crisscross or star-shaped pattern to equally distribute pressure across the wheel. A proper wheel nut installation should not be too tight or too loose to preserve the condition of these components and other wheel and axle parts. If wheel nuts are too tight, studs may break when you install a new tire or drive. A stripped lug nut will also make tire changes more of a challenge. Manufacturers generally do not recommend applying lubricants or anti seize compounds to wheel nuts. AutoZone has a large parts selection and the lowest prices on wheel nuts. Enter the year, make and model of your vehicle to ensure that the wheel nuts you choose are right for your car or truck. Search or browse our inventory to find bulge seat acorn, dometop cap, external threaded, flanged flat face, flattop capped and open end wheel nuts. We also carry bolts, stock mag nuts and wheel cover retaining nuts. Wheel nut covers can protect and enhance the look of wheels.

      Online or in the Store

      You can order any quantity of parts necessary to replace missing or damaged wheel components. Choose the store pick up option to find wheel nuts near me, or have these parts quickly shipped to your home. Free next day shipping is available for many items, which can get you back on the road as soon as possible.