Power Steering Pressure Line Hose

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1-24 of 2487 Results


      Power Steering Pressure Line Hose

      Get Your Power Steering Working Again With a New Power Steering Pressure Line Hose

      A pressure line hose connects a power steering pump to the cylinders in an electronic power steering system. The pump routes pressurized power steering fluid into the steering rack, where it is used to control the steering wheel turn rate. Select the right replacement hose for your vehicle from our large inventory of the best power steering pressure line hoses for cars and trucks.

      Assess Damages to Your Power Steering System

      Power steering pressure line hoses and return hoses can wear down over time and become corroded or develop leaks. Most high-pressure lines are metal, whereas low-pressure lines are made of rubber. Power steering hoses are exposed to high temperatures when the engine is running. The composition of power steering fluid and the pressure generated by a power steering pump can also degrade hoses over time.

      In addition to risking potential damage to the power steering system, a failed pressure line hose can eliminate steering assist and make any car or truck much more difficult to steer. Power steering fluid is also flammable and may ignite upon making contact with hot surfaces.

      Look for any signs of rust on a power steering pressure line hose and cracks or bulges in rubber hoses. If there are any indications of a leak, such as moisture on or near hoses, low fluid levels in the reservoir or a smell of burning fluid, you should replace the damaged hoses and refill the power steering fluid reservoir.

      Get the Right Replacement Parts Without Hassle at AutoZone

      You can purchase replacement power steering parts from AutoZone in store or online. Enter the year, make and model of your car or truck to narrow down your options to the right vehicle specific parts. Look for power steering pressure line hoses near me that are available for store pick up or order parts for fast delivery.

      Ensure Your Power Steering Is Functioning Optimally

      To replace a damaged or leaking power steering pressure line hose, you must first locate the power steering pump and reservoir. Put a drain pan under the pressure hose connection to catch leaks and loosen the fittings with a flare nut wrench. Remove the hose, connect a new hose and tighten the fittings. Do not overtighten any of the connections.

      Refill the power steering reservoir with fluid. Start engine to circulate fluid through the system and then turn off the engine and refill the reservoir. Start the engine again and turn the steering wheel. Make sure that there are no more signs of leaks from hoses and other components in the power steering system. You should replace the return hose along with the pressure line hose if these components are the same age. Shop at AutoZone for a large selection of power steering parts made by Duralast, Rein and CRP. We stock leading brands and offer the lowest prices on power steering pressure line hoses and return hoses.