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Get an exact fit for your Dodge Durango

1-24 of 31 Results

1-24 of 31 Results


      Dodge Durango Power Steering Pump

      Your Dodge Durango offers you spacious comfort, great towing capacity and standout style. Make sure your SUV lives up to its reputation for easy maneuverability by replacing worn out, squealing steering components with a new Dodge Durango power steering pump from AutoZone.

      Power steering pumps break down when the system has a leak or a belt wears out, but AutoZone’s power steering pump replacement for Dodge Durango restores effortless handling. There’s no need to struggle with your vehicle every time you need to turn or park. With our premium Durango power steering pumps, your rig drives and corners like the champ is was designed to be. Come into an AutoZone near you and experience the difference of top-notch service from our expert staff.