Dodge Ram 1500 Rack & Pinion

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1-14 of 14 Results

1-14 of 14 Results

Dodge Ram 1500 Rack & Pinion

Full-size pickup trucks are known for providing comfort and power, and your Dodge RAM is one of the best-built trucks around. Keep everything inside your rig running smoothly by ensuring that the Dodge RAM rack and pinion is fully operational.

Steering should be an effortless task, so it becomes very irritating when your truck is unable to turn or continue driving straight. You're able to tell when a new steering rack for Dodge RAM is needed because your truck is harder to drive in the morning and bothersome clunking noises start coming from the rack and pinion. Fortunately, the right products are provided at the right prices at AutoZone.



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The steering rack I bought on-line was charged a refundable core fee. After installing the rack, I drove the old rack to my local Auto Zone store for a refund of my core charge. Obtaining this refund was difficult for the local Auto Zone store because I bought the new rack on -line and not from them. I tried to order through the store but they did not carry my Dodge Ram replacement steering rack. It took 20 minutes of cash register fidgeting before the store manager finally decided to just cash me back the core refund I was due. An unnecessary hassle which could have been avoided had I not rejected the stores initial offer to issue me a store gift card for future merchandise as my core refund. Something I found rather distasteful considering I had to pay the core charge to Auto Zone immediately upon ordering the rack. I had my order receipt too and still there was difficulty at the store in obtaining my core charge refund.

What kind of vehicle do you drive? 2003 Dodge Ram 1500