Shocks and Struts

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    About Shocks and Struts

    Premium Replacement Struts

    Find the best strut fronts for cars and trucks at AutoZone. Your struts keep your vehicle comfortable, stable and safe and you drive. Whether you want to upgrade your suspension system or replace a damaged strut, search for high-end aftermarket or OEM replacements today.

    Rugged Performance

    After years of bumpy roads or off-road driving, your struts can wear out. Clunking, scraping or grinding sounds can all be signs of a damaged strut. A worn-out strut can not only give you an uncomfortable ride, it can also be dangerous.

    Unlike shocks, a strut is a structural component of your vehicle's suspension system. It not only keeps your tires centered and cushioned, it also keeps them attached safely to your vehicle. Prompt replacement of your struts is essential for the safety of your vehicle.

    Each strut is typically made of a damping unit, coil spring and strut housing. Each of these components work together to provide excellent performance. Whether you're cruising the highway or navigating off-road trails, your struts allow you to maneuver effectively across all types of terrain.

    Long-Lasting Protection

    Discover the lowest prices on strut fronts at AutoZone. Whether you're shopping online or in-store, search for a pair of struts with the following features:

    - Long-lasting warranty
    - Exact fit
    - Endurance tested
    - Corrosion resistant
    When replacing a strut, always replace them in pairs. Consider replacing all four struts for maximum safety and comfort.

    Corrosion-resistant coatings are essential for a lifetime of use. The undercarriage of your vehicle experiences all kinds of moisture. From rain water to dusty dirt roads, corrosion can quickly settle in to your struts and compromise their integrity.

    Some struts are covered by a limited lifetime warranty. These durable options are designed to give you long-lasting performance for years to come. From the corrosion-resistant coating to the urethane rubber bumper, choose a front strut that keeps your car moving forward.

    Comfortable Ride

    Premium front struts can greatly reduce the swaying, bumping or wobbling motions of your tires. Replace your worn-out struts for a comfortable suspension. Breeze over small potholes and wind around curves comfortably compared to old or damaged struts.

    The best shock fronts near me are affordable, innovative and designed to last a lifetime. Installing these durable parts can be difficult. Consider taking them to your local dealer or mechanic for hassle-free installation. Improper installation can void your warranty, damage your suspension and create a dangerous situation while driving. Keep your car moving safely and comfortable with professional installation.

    Shop at AutoZone today to find the best deals on the best struts. Be sure to choose a part that matches your make and model vehicle. When in doubt, contact a customer service agent to learn more about the various types of struts and which parts are compatible with your vehicle.