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1-24 of 79 Results


      Nissan/Datsun Altima Shocks and Struts

      Is your car's ride not as smooth as you remember? If you're noticing excessive bouncing or reduced stability as you cruise around the streets, it may be time to replace your Nissan Altima's shocks and struts. When your suspension is in less-than-perfect condition, it can lead to concerns that could cause loss of control, Fortunately, at AutoZone, we provide shocks and struts from reputable brands like Duralast, designed to restore your vehicle's safe and comfortable ride without breaking the bank.

      Over time, gas-charged and oil-filled dampers can leak, or a single severe impact can damage them significantly. On average, you can expect to get around 50,000 miles on a pair of shocks or struts. When replacing your Nissan Altima shock and struts, it's essential to choose options that match your vehicle's specific requirements. AutoZone has the parts you need, whether it's loaded struts or twin-tube gas-filled shocks, ensuring you'll find replacements that put you back on the straight and narrow.

      Shop at AutoZone for all your auto parts, fluids, and tools, including your Nissan Altima shock and strut replacements. Need your parts in a hurry? With Same Day Delivery, you can get your parts right to your doorstep in a flash.