Steering Damper

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Steering Damper

Smooth your ride and reduce unwanted side-to-side motion with a steering stabilizer or damper. We have the long-lasting parts you need to minimize front end wobble and keep your ride moving straight ahead.

Steering dampers and stabilizers reduce wobble on your vehicle’s front end by adding resistance to your steering system. Wobble, sometimes known as “death wobble” or “speed wobble,” is a term for uncontrolled movement that happens when a vehicle with a solid axle goes over a large bump—anything from tracks and speedbumps to a pothole. Wobble is particularly noticeable on vehicles with larger tires or oversized tires. Steering stabilizers give drivers more control by reducing wobble and absorbing vibrations associated with rough terrain. That’s why they are most commonly found on trucks, SUVs, and other four-wheel drive or off-road vehicles.

Steering stabilizers dampen side to side wheel motion a lot like how shock absorbers limit suspension movement. They also suppress the symptoms of other flighty steering issues. They dampen wheel motion by requiring steering components to push against hydraulic force as the wheel turns. This adds resistance to the wheel so that steering will be less affected by rough terrain.

While they stabilize steering and make bad steering symptoms less noticeable, steering dampers do not fix problems with your steering system. Because the stabilizer can mask other steering issues, it should be removed whenever you are trying to troubleshoot such issues.

Wondering which steering stabilizer is right for your vehicle? We make finding the right parts easy. If you need, say, a Jeep Wrangler steering stabilizer, simply enter your information up above. If you drive something else, it works the same way. Just enter your vehicle’s year, make, model, and engine, and we’ll find the parts that fit your ride.

We carry dampers from trustworthy brands like Bilstein and Duralast that are built to meet OE specifications and restore the smooth handling you are used to. We even offer steering stabilizer kits with all the hardware you need to install it on your make and model. Get free shipping with next day delivery or pick up your purchase today at your local AutoZone.