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1-24 of 3171 Results


      Sway Bar Link

      Get Your Sway Bar Links at AutoZone

      AutoZone is the place to go when you're searching for the best sway bar links for cars. We carry an expansive selection that includes trusted and well-known brands such as Duralast, Rare Parts, TRW and Dorman, just to name a few. No matter if the part is needed for a light-duty truck, a family-friendly sedan or that beloved classic car, you'll find it here. From Chevy Malibus to RAM 3500s, we're your go-to shop for all the quality parts you need for your do-it-yourself job.

      What Does the Sway Bar Do?

      The sway bar, also known as a stabilizer bar, helps provide vehicle control when you're rounding into turns. It essentially prevents the car or truck from leaning into the curve too heavily and makes it more stable.

      Understanding Sway Bar Links

      Smaller components, such as the sway bar links, play just as an imperative role as they help the sway bar serve its function. The sway bar links are the pieces located at the outer ends of the bar. They keep it connected to your ride's suspension so that the sway bar can provide the stability your vehicle needs to be operated safely.

      Watch for Some Key Symptoms

      It's extremely common for the sway bar links to break or malfunction before the bar itself does, so pinpointing and replacing a worn or damaged sway bar link is important for preventing further and more substantial damage that has the potential for rendering your vehicle unfit for the road. There are a couple of telltale signs you should be aware of that alert you to the fact that new links are a necessity. One sign that your car's sway bar links need to be replaced is if you feel the vehicle's weight shift excessively while you're turning corners. Also, listen for sounds of clanking metal when traveling on roads that are uneven. If you begin to notice these indicators, it's time to check out the lowest prices on sway bar links at AutoZone.

      A Huge Inventory of Auto Parts

      Whether you're perusing the aisles at your local neighborhood AutoZone store or browsing our large online selection from the comfort of your couch, you'll find an impressive array of sway bar links that feature a multitude of benefits. Our inventory includes parts with long-term durability that are built for reliability and are meant to last year after year. You'll find sway bar link features such as bearings with enhanced designs that are manufactured from materials tested to perform and last, all while protecting against premature failure.

      Expert Help and Great Prices

      If you suspect that your vehicle's sway bar link is damaged or broken, don't take a chance by putting off repairs. Instead, shop AutoZone's wide selection of quality, well-priced parts. We help you take the guesswork out of making your repair. There's no need to wonder, “Where can I find sway bar links near me?” Simply visit the AutoZone store conveniently located closest to you and receive expert advice and service from one of our AutoZoners.