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1-24 of 5224 Results


      Tie Rod End

      Cruising behind a shaking steering wheel is unsettling, no matter what type of terrain you're tackling. If your steering wheel isn't steady, you'll probably have issues with your tie rod end. Vibrations occur because the joint in the tie rod wears out and develops play, which translates into a loose connection between the steering box and wheel spindle. With a high-quality aftermarket tie rod end from AutoZone, your steering wheel maintains superb control, resulting in a safe and smooth ride.

      Your driving performance depends on how well you can maneuver your vehicle. Without a properly functioning tie rod end, your steering wheel's vibrations increase while you try to turn the wheel. At this point, you can lose virtually all control over your daily driver.

      A ruined or worn-out tie rod end can also enable your tires to point away from each other when you're traveling, causing your tire tread to deteriorate quickly. Your tires can also shift spontaneously and shudder on their own, which often occurs when you accelerate, slow down or turn corners. AutoZone's aftermarket tie rod ends are designed to keep your steering wheel stable, so you can safely drive to your destination and maintain full control of your vehicle.

      Check out the unbeatable assortment of tie rod ends at your local AutoZone or browse our broad selection online. We provide tie rod ends for your specific make and model, so whether you need a Malibu tie rod end or a tie rod end replacement for Ford Taurus, you're guaranteed to find everything you need when you depend on AutoZone. Enjoy our Same Day Store Pickup when you shop with us online.