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Duralast Wheel Bearing/Hub Assembly DL510082
  • Part # DL510082
  • SKU # 487923
Notes: Bearing, Anti-lock brake system encoder (magnetic side) must face anti-lock brake system sensor
Duralast Wheel Bearing/Hub Assembly DL519188HD
  • Part # DL519188HD
  • SKU # 384462
Notes: Hub assembly, Improved Duralast Design with Induction hardened Steel, high-heat grease and superior seal design for longer life and durability.
Duralast Wheel Bearing/Hub Assembly DL510102
  • Part # DL510102
  • SKU # 414264
Notes: Bearing, Anti-lock brake system. ABS encoder (magnetic side) must face ABS sensor.
Duralast Bearing SET16
  • Part # SET16
  • SKU # 693283
Duralast Bearing SET45
  • Part # SET45
  • SKU # 788422
Notes: Bearing kit, Outer. Contains: LM501349 and LM501310.
Duralast Wheel Bearing/Hub Assembly DL515006HD
  • Part # DL515006HD
  • SKU # 384962
Notes: Hub assembly, Tighten nut to specified value and tighten further to align cotter pin with hole.
Duralast Wheel Bearing/Hub Assembly 26881
  • Part # 26881
  • SKU # 281235
Notes: Bearing, Inner. M1100, M1200, M800, M800 Post Office or MA1200 model. 1.562" spindle diameter. FA28 (4000 lb IHC) axle, FA48 (4700 lb IHC) axle
Duralast Bearing SET37
  • Part # SET37
  • SKU # 788737
Notes: Bearing kit, Inner. Contains: LM603049 and LM603011.
Duralast Wheel Bearing/Hub Assembly DL515069
  • Part # DL515069
  • SKU # 95761
Notes: Hub assembly, Passenger side. 4-wheel anti-lock brake system. With dual rear wheels (DRW)


Wheel Bearing/Hub Assembly-Front

Whether you're planning a skiing excursion or off-roading trip, it's essential that your vehicle's hub assembly is in peak operating condition. A properly working wheel hub assembly (WHA) prevents you from feeling wheel wobbling and vibrations, ensuring a safer and smoother ride. Avoid unwanted growling, rumbling or humming noises when you're turning a corner or rubble-roaming by investing in a high-quality wheel bearing and hub assembly from AutoZone.

Spending money on a sweet pair of new rims is worthless if your wheel hub assembly is ruined. A defective WHA can be hard to notice, causing minor or even severe damage before corrective action can be made. Fortunately, our experts can tell you how to keep a keen eye on your wheel assembly components and avoid time spent up on blocks.

When cornering or making sharp turns, a faulty wheel hub assembly can cause clicking, popping or snapping noises. While accelerating, a defective WHA can also produce knocking or clunking sounds in the CV-joints or U-joints. And, with a failing WHA, severe looseness related to a bearing can create an abnormal side pull when you apply the brakes. With a brand-new assembly, you no longer have worry about abnormal noises or a faulty connection, ensuring a silent and graceful ride every time.

AutoZone's extensive selection of wheel bearings and hub assemblies spans many specific makes and models. So, whether you want a Chevy Camaro rear hub assembly or a hub bearing assembly for Civic sedans, you can find everything you need at AutoZone. For added convenience, choose Same Day Store Pickup.