Wheel Lock Key / Locking Lug Nuts

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    1-24 of 177 Results

    About Wheel Lock Key / Locking Lug Nuts

    Keep Your Wheels and Tires With Wheel Nut Locks

    You've got a great set of custom wheels and tires on your vehicle, and you'd also like to see them stay there. Some other folks may have a different idea, however, and you'll feel better knowing that you won't find your car or truck lacking wheels and resting on cinder blocks one day. Next to keeping your vehicle in a locked garage, wheel nut locks are one of the most effective ways to prevent tire and wheel theft. When you're looking for the best wheel nut locks for cars and trucks, AutoZone has what you need to protect your investment with style and unsurpassed security.

    Quickly Discourage Thieves

    Thieves are, unfortunately, getting better at what they do. Your car alarm system may not be able to protect your car or truck from wheel theft. It only takes a few minutes for a skilled team of automotive thieves to get the wheels off your vehicle. If your wheels are aftermarket upgrades, you may also find that you're not covered by some auto insurance policies. This means there's a chance you'll be replacing your stolen wheels out of pocket. Wheel nut locks deter thieves from attempting to remove your wheels. They're just about impossible to remove without a key. When auto-theft teams see them, they're quickly discouraged and will move on to another target. Wheel lock nuts also look great with your custom wheels, and there are loads of styles and colors to choose from. If you're wondering “Where can I find a good assortment of wheel nut locks near me?” you've come to the right place. Online or in-store at one of our more than 5,500 nationwide locations AutoZone provides you with a variety of stylish security options for your car or truck wheels.

    Different Style Locks

    There are different types of wheel nut locks you can choose from; shank style, radius / ball seat and cone seat are some of your options. In addition to coming in different colors, they can be purchased in a natural or a chrome-plated finish. You can also choose between a set of one wheel nut lock per wheel or you can have several on each wheel. Installation is a simple matter and you can even get sets that are specially designed for racing vehicles. If your vehicle has hub caps, shorter length styles are available to fit under them.

    Protect OEM Wheels

    Older vehicles with OEM wheels are also targets for automotive theft, so you should consider protecting them. OEM wheels remain in demand, so they won't be bypassed by a team of thieves if there's nothing better to target in the neighborhood. Your auto insurance policy may replace your OEM parts, but you don't want to find yourself stranded someplace after your car or truck gets stripped of its wheels. Overall, wheel nut locks are a good way to give yourself some extra peace of mind when you're at home or away. They're also relatively inexpensive, and at AutoZone you're certain to find the lowest prices on wheel nut locks.