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A/C Manifold Gauge Set and Components

DIY Solutions for Your A/C Systems
Every A/C unit requires regular maintenance and checks to avoid damage to the system and keep it running smoothly. When you buy your own A/C manifold gauge set and components, you can perform routine checks at home and on your own time. The best A/C manifold gauge set and components for cars and trucks work just the same as professional gauge sets. Having your own set lets you perform your own maintenance on your car and keeps things functional, so it's perfect for those prefer to do their own car maintenance work.

How To Check Your A/C Functionality
When you check the functionality of your A/C system, usually the first step is to check the system's pressure. Checking the lines requires you to attach hoses from the gauge set to the high-side and low-side pressure fittings on the car, once you have closed the high- and low-side valves on the set. For each set, the hoses are color-coded, with red corresponding to the high-pressure side valve and blue corresponding to the low-pressure side. Next, run your air conditioning at its maximum capability until the inside of the car is cool. On your manifold gauge set, open the valves for both high and low to check the pressure level. Your documents and user manual for your car should tell you the normal functioning pressure level, so compare the ideal levels with the levels your gauge set is reading. If the low-side or high-side pressure levels are too high or too low, the levels can be used for diagnostic purposes. For example, low-side pressure levels that are below the normal range can be caused by the amount of refrigerant being too low, a lack of airflow to the condenser, or a restriction somewhere on that side of the system. If the pressure level is higher than normal, there could be problems with your compressor or an excess of refrigerant.

The Lowest Price on A/C Manifold Gauge Sets
The hoses that come with manifold gauge sets fit into one of two coupler types. Automatic couplers click into place when pushed into the valve, and release when you manually move the lock ring. Manual couplers include a button at the top that needs to be pressed down in order to lock into the valve. AutoZone has the lowest prices on a/c manifold gauge set and components. Find replacement hoses, gauges and valves that let you get more use out of the same manifold gauge set without having to buy a completely new one. We carry adapter, blowback and other valve types. Coupler conversion kits and replacement couplers are vital repair parts.

Convenient Shopping In-Store and Online
If you've wondered where to find A/C manifold gauge set and components near me, just look to AutoZone for all your A/C repair needs. Visit one of our stores or order the parts you need online today. With parts from AutoZone, you can get started doing car repairs yourself.