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1-24 of 70 Results


      Ball Joint Installer/Remover Tool

      When To Use Specialized Tools

      Ball joint installer and remover tools are useful for replacing the linkages that connect a control arm to a wheel hub. These joints are designed to stand up to impact when a vehicle travels over bumps in the road or potholes and sustain pressure as the vehicle starts or stops moving. AutoZone has the lowest prices on ball joint installer and remover tools.

      The first signs of ball joint failure may include creaking or knocking sounds and irregular tire wear. You may also notice unintended movement in the front or rear of the vehicle when it starts or stops moving or travels over elevations or depressions. Joints can break or wear out over time. Most vehicles have upper and lower ball joints on both sides, and the lower joints tend to require more frequent replacement. It is only necessary to replace faulty ball joints. A variety of specialized tools may be helpful for removing an old ball joint and installing a replacement part.

      Ball Joint Tool Sets

      A variety of different tools and sets can be used to service ball joints. A pickle fork separator purchased individually or as part of a set of forks of different sizes can be used to separate ball joints and tie rods. We also stock specialized ball joint spreaders and kits complete with adapters designed for use with particular vehicle makes and models. You can also find a ball joint press and an assortment of adapters. Most of these tools are adjustable and made out of steel for strength and durability.

       A large selection of adapter sets and fitting component kits are also available for sale. Take your pick from the best ball joint installer and remover tools for cars and trucks, including tools crafted by trusted brands such as OTC, SPC, OEM and Great Neck. Make sure to choose a tool, tool set or adapters that are designed to remove or reinstall the ball joints on your vehicle.

      Save On Suspension Parts and Tools

      Additional tools such as a socket wrench may be necessary to remove ball joints, and replacement connective components may also be necessary to complete a ball joint replacement. You can find everything you need at in our huge inventory of specialized steering and suspension tools and parts.

      By searching for ball joint installer and remover tools near me, you can see which items are in stock at surrounding AutoZone locations. This feature can be helpful for finding tools and adapters that are eligible for in store pick up or home shipping at competitive prices. It may be possible to purchase some tools and parts in store on the same day or have these items delivered to your door as soon as the next day.