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1-4 of 4 Results


      Associated Equipment Battery Charger

      No matter how hard you try, you'll eventually experience a dead battery yourself or come across a friend or family member who is. A boost can get them going, but charging the battery is a better long-term solution. An Associated battery charger can replenish the depleted battery, getting you back on track. You'll find all the tools you need including the best car starters and chargers from brands you trust like Associated Equipment at AutoZone.

      While it's not completely necessary to have a battery charger, it will save you time and money. Charging a weak battery can prevent sulfation, a problem that will eventually kill your battery. It can also prevent frustrating issues that leave you stranded or make you late. You'll be glad when an Associated Equipment battery charger is in your garage for those moments.

      How to Use an Associated Equipment Battery Charger?

      If your battery is dead or low on charge, hook up the battery charger according to the instructions on the charger itself. Attach the red clamp to the positive battery post and the black clamp to the negative post before plugging it in and turning it on. For slow, deep charging, select low-amperage rates. If you need a boost or a fast top-up for a large battery, opt for the higher amperage ratings.

      When you need professional grade equipment like a scan tool or charger, find it here. Explore tools from top brands like Associated Equipment and pick from convenient options like Free In-Store Pickup or Home Delivery to get your hands on it quickly.