Camshaft Holding / Lock Tool

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    1-4 of 4 Results

    About Camshaft Holding / Lock Tool

    Maintain Your Timing and Camshaft To Keep Your Engine Running Efficiently

    The best camshaft holding and lock tools for cars and trucks helps you properly replace the timing belt in your vehicle. The timing belt is a crucial element to your vehicle's engine. The engine shuts down if the timing belt fails. The belt synchronizes the functions of most internal combustion engines. The crankshaft and camshaft rotate based on the timing belt. The many valves on the engine are opened and closed by the timing belt. A failing timing belt doesn't open and close the engine valves at the right time causing problems with the pistons. Most owner's manuals suggest replacing the timing belt at 60,000 or 100,000. Following this advice can save you from a timing belt that simply breaks. The timing belt is one thing you don't want to delay in replacing.

    Selecting the Best Parts for Your Vehicle

    There are many camshaft holding and lock tools near me, but choosing the right one is based on the vehicle's needs, your knowledge and price point. While replacing the timing belt used to happen only when they broke, most mechanics and owner's manuals suggest preventive maintenance. Replacing the belt before it breaks saves your engine from further damage to pistons, water pump and valves. The cost of the timing belt is less expensive when does as preventive maintenance than after it breaks. There are few signs of a failing timing belt to keep in mind including a misfiring engine, ticking sounds, leaking oil beneath the timing belt cover and the engine failing to turn over. Once you buy a new timing belt, you also need to purchase gasket adhesives and gaskets for your vehicle's engine model. The camshaft holding and lock tools help you get the right timing on the timing belt once it is replaced. The timing of the engine valves is critical to the functioning of your engine. Some models have a hydraulic timing belt tensioner that requires an extra step in the removal and replacement of the timing belt.

    Get the Right Part Every Time

    Using a local auto parts store such as AutoZone gives you the lowest prices on camshaft holding and lock tools. You have access to knowledgeable, friendly staff ready to assist you in diagnosing and finding the right parts for your vehicle. We understand how frustrating an improperly running vehicle is and want to help you get on your way. Our staff can direct you to the right parts to complete your maintenance or repair project. We can show you how to use the tool to replace your timing belt. We aren't here to only offer the best prices on auto parts. We want to be your go-to auto parts store. Our rewards program lets you earn money toward a future purchase to thank you for your loyalty. We help you have a safe vehicle to drive.