Inner Tie Rod Tool

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    1-10 of 10 Results

    About Inner Tie Rod Tool

    Don't Settle for Clunky Steering

    The best inner tie rod tools for cars and trucks help you remove a damaged or broken inner tie rod. The inner tie rod is an essential component of the vehicle's steering. When the tie rod fails, you may notice a clunky feel when turning or uneven tire wear. A complete fail may result in the tie rod completely disconnecting when in motion. Other signs of a failing or bad tie rod end include loose or shaking steering wheel and bad alignment in the front. The car won't steer without the tie rod functioning potentially leaving you in a dangerous situation. Ideally, you notice there is a failing tie rod before it disconnects and replace the piece. As soon as the steering has issues, it is a good idea to check the tie rods and steering gears to make sure everything is functioning normally.

    Trusted Brands

    A search for inner tie rod tools near me gives a variety of brand options. An inner tie rod tool helps you easily remove a bad tie rod end and install a new one. Replacing a tie rod end starts with lifting the car up on a jack, removing the wheel and access the steering knuckle. The outer tie rod end easily seen connected to the steering knuckle. The inner tie rod end is beneath the car at the end of the outer tie rod end. A wrench, a ratchet set, needle nose pliers, mallet or hammer, grease gun and an inner tie rod tool are needed to remove the inner or outer tie rod ends from the steering knuckle or ball joint depending on which tie rod end. Go through the steps to remove then back through as you put the steering knuckle and tie rod ends back together. Tighten all the nuts along the way to ensure nothing is loose. You may need to replace both sides at the same time. The process is the same for both sides. When you've replaced the tie rod ends, it's a good idea to have the alignment rechecked to make sure it fixed the issue.

    A One-Stop Shop

    Look no further than AutoZone for the lowest prices on inner tie rod tools. Our friendly team members have the knowledge you need to repair and maintain your vehicle. A pair of gloves, a roll of shop towels and a bucket can come in handy when working on the inner tie rod to clean as you go. Find the cleaning, auto parts and specialty tools you need to complete the job at your local AutoZone store. Don't forget to purchase grease to apply to the assembly if a grease fitting comes with the tie rod end. A floor jack and jack stands can make the process go faster especially if you need to replace both sides.