Molding and Trim Remover Tool

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    1-10 of 10 Results

    About Molding and Trim Remover Tool

    Use a Molding and Trim Remover Tool for Vehicle Work

    Prevent unsightly damage by using a specialized tool to remove molding and trim. Specialized tools are useful for removing a dashboard, door panels, fasteners, molding, trim or wheel hubs. AutoZone stocks all of the tools and parts necessary to remove or replace molding and trim.

    Tool Kits

    Many of the best molding and trim remover tools for cars and trucks are sold in sets of four or five tools of different shapes or sizes. Polycarbonate molding and trim remover tools are flexible and can prevent scratches or damaged clips. This material is relatively strong. Molding and trim tools with steel ends are stronger and can provide a more precise fit, but call for more caution to avoid scratches or damage.

    Right Material

    Tools made of any material can be used on the exterior or interior of any vehicle. Molding and trim remover tools come in a variety of sizes and shapes. The right tool can make prying off molding or trim easier and prevent damage to the surrounding material, connectors or clips. Use other specialized tools to remove particular types of exterior body components or interior features, such as door trim, upholstery or window and door clips.

    Different Tasks

    Some tasks call for more contoured pry tools, while wide removers can be the best choice for removing other components. A pull-type or upholstery remover can be useful for extracting clips or fasteners. We also carry plastic scraper or chisel tools or a specialized window belt molding removal tool that will not damage windows or molding.

    Inventory Search

    Search or browse our inventory to find all of the parts and tools you need to work on the exterior body or interior of a vehicle. If you are looking for molding and trim remover tools near me, it is easy to order tools for in-store pickup or have these components shipped to your home.

    Specific Components

    Many types of molding and trim components are vehicle specific. Enter the year, make and model of your vehicle to find the right parts to complete trim or molding repairs or replacements. Different tools may be necessary to complete installation. You can also order sets of replacement clips to reattach any connective components that are damaged or missing.

    Tool Type

    Plastic tools are lightweight and can help to reduce the risk of damage. Heavy-duty jobs may require a stronger prying tool than these prongs. For a more durable option, consider tools with steel ends and textured plastic grips to prevent slipping.

    Tool Variety

    AutoZone offers the lowest prices on molding and trim remover tools. These tools can come in handy for a variety of vehicle repairs and modifications. Once you have a set of molding and trim tools, you can remove many different types of components in order to complete repair or maintenance tasks on almost any car or truck.