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Innova DMM Inductive AMP Probe

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The Innova 3347 Inductive AMP Probe for Multimeters is ideal for testing alternator output, starter & battery current draw, as well as all other electrical wiring circuits. Ergonomically designed for easy use in cramped engine bays, this current clamp is the perfect diagnostic accessory for your multimeter.
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    Standard Multimeter Test Leads: Designed to work with most digital standardized multimeters.
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    Measures Parasitic Draw: No longer need to cut into wiring looms in order to test for current.
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    Operating Range: 100mA - 600A AC/DC
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    Zero Adjuster for Calibration: Maintain accurate results.
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    Easy Slide Switch: Adjust measurement range selection on the fly.
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    Red/Green Indicator Light: Visually indicates power & low battery.
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    2-Foot Test Leads: Allows plenty of length to maneuver and keep your DMM display front and center.