Smoke Leak Detectors

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    About Smoke Leak Detectors

    Smoke Leak Detectors Help Find Problems

    You have smoke detectors installed throughout your home, but you might not think to test for smoke leaks in your car. If you have a leaky vacuum or an oil leakage, though, this can cause smoke to appear. It's important to identify the source of a smoke leak and get to the root of the issue as soon as possible. If you neglect to tend to such a problem, you could find yourself with poor fuel economy, a lagging acceleration, or any of the myriad other problems that a smoke leak is symptomatic of. Resolving the problem means you need to identify the source and cause of the smoke leakage in your car, and this task is made simple with the best smoke leak detectors for cars and trucks.

    Range of Causes

    The moment you notice a smoke leak, it may be slight fumes emerging from the hood of your car, or it might be dramatically billowing clouds of blue or grey. Regardless of how severe a smoke leak initially appears to be, it is essential to understand its cause and find its solution before you continue driving your car as you usually would. Smoke leaks car originate from a range of your car's parts, including its air intake, exhaust, fuel, evaporation, cooling, and vacuum systems. Identifying the exact source requires that you be able to replicate the smoke leak and see its origin, which is exactly what a detector kit does.

    Smoke Leak Identification

    An auto shop can easily identify the leak for you and prescribe a solution, but if you want to DIY the fix, a smoke leak detector empowers you to get it done on your own. In order to do so, though, you need to find the kit that has all of the features you need. Because a smoke leak can originate from a range of sources within your car, you need a detector that will test each of these spots—not just one. The right smoke leak detectors near me typically feature a specialized smoke agent, an inspection light, cone adapters, and a smoke generator. Some systems rely on an air supply to power the smoke generator while others include an air compressor so no additional equipment is required.

    Smoke Origin Detection

    Once you've selected a smoke leak detector, using it should be relatively simple. For most models, you should first attach its power source to your car battery. The kit's hoses then pump the smoking agent through the system it is testing—for example, your exhaust or cooling—as smoke is generated throughout the surrounding parts. The origin of the smoke is identified when smoke of a different color emerges, thus allowing you to identify the source and find the solution to the problem. Find the lowest prices on smoke leak detectors and the professional guidance you need from the pros at AutoZone.