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1-5 of 5 Results


      Timing Light

      Tune Up Your Spark Plugs Correctly With an Accurate Timing Light

      In order to ensure that the spark plugs are firing at the optimal time to ensure the most efficient powering of the engine, the timing occasionally needs to be tuned up. If you've noticed that your vehicle is getting poor gas mileage or isn't giving you enough power, it might be time to get a timing light to see if everything is running as efficiently as possible. Most vehicles that were manufactured since the early 90s have electronic timing and need a timing light that has an inductive pickup. Older models and classic styles, however, can make use of a more classic style of timing light that monitors just the spark plug firing. Getting the timing reset professionally at a shop can be time-consuming and expensive. It's fairly simple to adjust the timing yourself with the right equipment. If you're looking to do this simple maintenance on your vehicle, you could search “timing lights near me,” but chances are pretty high that the best timing lights will be available for a great price at your local AutoZone.

      Selecting the Right Timing Light

      There are few different kinds of timing lights available. Most timing lights connect to your vehicle's battery and feature a digital monitor for easy reading. Some are equipped with alternate power sources, and some simpler models have dial or lighted monitoring systems. They all function very similarly, so you can choose based on the level of convenience you prefer. If extra cables intimidate you, a self-powered timing light might be the right choice, whereas if budget is a concern, a more classic setup might work best for you. Some timing lights are equipped with additional safety features, such as protective hand grips and advanced features. Some are calibrated to work with older vehicles, while others are specifically designed to work with more recent electronic timing systems. Some timing lights work for both, but you can check your vehicle's specs to ensure you're getting the right timing light for the job. Regardless of the vehicle, you can trust that no matter what your level of experience is, you can always get the lowest prices on timing lights at AutoZone.

      Everything You Need for Efficient Repairs

      Trust AutoZone to have the right parts for whatever vehicle maintenance you need. Whether you're looking to do a few simple repairs for your family vehicle, or you're setting up shop as a professional mechanic, you need the best tools. Browse through the AutoZone website to find detailed descriptions, helpful reviews and careful advice to ensure you'll always find the right part the first time. If you need the best timing lights for cars and trucks, and you don't want to wait for shipping, you can stop by your local AutoZone to shop through the extensive selection and get expert advice from a nearby parts specialist. From small parts to large, accessories, tools and useful tips, AutoZone has everything you need to make quality vehicle repairs.