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1-24 of 25 Results


      Valve Spring Compressor and Measure

      Specialized Performance

      Working on a classic car or a modern valve from a cylinder head requires precision performance and specialized tools. Don't attempt to remove a valve without a durable and convenient valve spring compressor. The best valve spring compressors for cars and trucks are easy to use, offer accurate measurements and comfortably compress the springs to allow you to work on your cylinder head.

      To use a valve spring compressor, choose one that offers durable compressor fork that compresses the springs for you to easily remove the valves. Some valves are particularly difficult to remove due to the strong springs. Without this performance tool, it's not only a difficult job but may be impossible to perform.

      Accurate Measurement

      Valve spring measuring tools allow you to check the tension of the valve spring to ensure proper installation. Use accurate and precise measuring tools for precise performance. If your spring pressure is too high or low it can cause improper performance, a worn-out spring or a failed camshaft.

      Measure the installation height using a micrometer tool designed for the job. Many valve spring measuring tools are accurate up to 0.001 inch. That way, you can troubleshoot a faulty spring or install a new spring with confidence.

      Comfortable Compressor

      Not all spring compressors are created equal. Shop for a compressor that's not only durable, accurate and affordable, but also comfortable. From one-time use to daily spring valve adjustments in a large auto shop, it's important to use tools that are easy and comfortable.

      While searching for the lowest prices on valve spring compressors, pay attention to the handle type. A T-style handle can be used to navigate tight spaces easily. Heavy-duty compressors use a large handle for maximum grip and force. Of course, a larger valve spring compressor will have difficult fitting into a smaller vehicle.

      Unique Designs and OEM Quality

      There are two basic strategies to use when searching for the best compressor for your needs. First, you can look for the most innovative, ergonomic and professional design on the market. There are a wide variety of handle designs and compressor sizes to make your life easier.

      Other tools offer OEM quality and reliability. These rugged tools are made specifically for your particular vehicle or make of vehicle. Either way, make sure your compressor is suitable for your particular valve springs.

      Durable Tools for Daily Use

      Rugged stamped steel and rust-resistant coatings allow you to use your tool for years to come. Don't worry about wear and tear with these hard-hitting compressors and measuring devices. When you're ready to shop for valve spring tools, check out compressors and valve spring measurers near me for a convenient shopping experience. Adjust or replace your valve springs quickly and move on to your next great project.