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Calterm 8in 75lb Black Cable Ties 100 Piece

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Zip Tie
Designed for strength, durability and reliability. Ideal for all bundling and organizing tasks from the workshop to the office and from the laundry room to the kitchen; you name it, and these ties will bundle it. Designed with simple enhancements that make them easy to use including a slightly bent tip to ensure easy insertion into the tie head and close serrations along its length to promote precise adjustment when tightening. Gentle on the hands with smooth edges that ensure "slip" through the head and finger grips on the end to provide a secure and comfortable grip when tightening.
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    Kit contains: 25 (22-16) AWG Grey Wire Connectors; 15 (22-14) AWG Orange Wire Connectors; 15 (18-10) AWG Yellow Wire Connectors; 15 (18-10) AWG Red Wire Connectors; 20 (22-16) AWG Red Ring Terminals; 20 (16-14) AWG Blue Ring Terminals; 20 (22-16) AWG Red Spade Terminals; 20 (16-14) AWG Blue Spade Terminals; 20 (16-14) AWG Blue Male Disconnect; 20 (16-14) AWG Blue Female Disconnect; 15 (22-16) Red Butt Splice; 15 (16-14) Blue Butt Splice; 12 (16-14) AWG Blue Tap Splices; 15 (22-14) AWG Small Nylon Pigtail Connectors
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    Quick and reliable crimp-type wire connections
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    Contains nylon pigtail connectors, ring and spade terminals, butt and tap splices, male and female disconnects
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    22-10 AWG assorted wire connectors
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    22-14 Ring/Spade terminals and tap splices