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1-13 of 13 Results


      Disc Brake Wheel Spacer

      Customize Your Ride at AutoZone

      When you want to upgrade the appearance or performance of your vehicle, the wheels and tires are a great starting place. AutoZone offers some of the best disc brake wheel spacers for cars and trucks that allow you to fit larger tires that may not otherwise fit correctly on your ride. You can rest assured that when you purchase from AutoZone, you're choosing quality parts.

      Top-Quality Parts From Reliable Brands

      Disc brake wheel spacers from AutoZone are constructed of durable, sturdy aluminum and are built to meet strict standards of engineering quality. Some are available for purchase individually, or in packs of two to suit your particular needs. These rust-resistant components are available in lug patterns of four, five or six. Shop for disc brake wheel spacers from trusted and reliable brands, such as Mr. Gasket, White Knight and Dorman.

      Upsize Your Wheels With the Right Gear

      Wheel spacers allow you to install larger tires on your vehicle that may not otherwise fit without the extra room granted by the spacers. They are installed over the holding bracket on your car, creating additional space between the vehicle's wheel hub assembly and the actual wheel, increasing the offset between the two. This in turn provides the opportunity to install larger, custom wheels for a unique and aesthetically-pleasing look. With some of the lowest prices on disc brake wheel spacers, It's easy and affordable to upgrade your ride with components from AutoZone.

      Improve Traction and Handling

      Adding disc brake wheel spacers to your ride has the potential to do more than upgrade its appearance. They also work to improve performance through increasing your vehicle's traction and handling. This works because wheels maintain a better grip on surfaces the further out from the hub assembly they are mounted. Cars equipped with wheel spacers often perform better when taking corners as well.

      AutoZone Has Your Disc Brake Wheel Spacers

      When it comes down to it, there are a number of reasons to shop for and purchase disc brake wheel spacers from AutoZone. They make it simple to install larger, custom tires that wouldn't otherwise fit on your vehicle with all of its stock components. With new and larger tires, your car or truck's stance and profile changes, updating your ride with an interesting and unique look that's all its own. Cars that have wheel spacers installed also benefit from improved performance in the areas of handling, traction and cornering.

      Order Online or In-Store

      Shopping and browsing our inventory at AutoZone is simple. With the ability to compare options and read fellow customer reviews, you can take your time browsing at AutoZone.com from the comfort of your own home. When only face-to-face interaction with a knowledgeable expert AutoZoner will do, our website helps you locate your friendly and convenient neighborhood AutoZone store when you begin to wonder, “Where can I find disc brake wheel spacers near me?” Either way that you choose to shop at AutoZone, quality parts and expert advice, guidance and service are guaranteed.