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1-24 of 27 Results


      Portable Tire Inflator

      Save Yourself a Hassle With a Portable Tire Inflator

      Ensuring that your car or truck's tires are correctly inflated is one of the simplest, yet most important things you can do to keep your vehicle running safely and smoothly. Underinflated tires may lead to a variety of serious issues including tire problems, vehicle damage and poor handling. However, if you are sick of the hassle driving to the gas station and waiting in long lines to use the air pump, you are not alone. Fortunately, AutoZone has got you covered. With our wide assortment of portable tire inflators to choose from, you can start filling up your tires right at home. So instead of taking a trip to the gas station air pump, visit your nearest AutoZone store, and check out our selection of the best portable tire inflators for cars and trucks.

      Better Safe Than Sorry

      You may be wondering, “Why do I need to find portable tire inflators near me?” What is the harm in driving with my tires a little low?” Driving with low tire pressure is actually quite dangerous. Tires with low PSI do not have a firm grip on the road, making your car less responsive during sharp curves, quick maneuvers or other tight situations. Driving on low tires is never worth the risk of having an accident and endangering yourself and others, especially not when portable tire inflators make it fast and straightforward to keep your tires adequately inflated at all times. There are portable tire inflators available to meet every need. At AutoZone, you can select from cordless options, high-powered choices and even tire inflators with LED lights that allow you to work in dark or dimly lit conditions.

      Enjoy Your Tires Longer

      Not only do properly inflated tires keep you safe while driving, routinely inflating your tires will save you money on tire replacements and potential vehicle damage. Underinflated tires cause the weight of the vehicle to rest improperly, putting unnecessary strain on your suspension, braking system, wheel rims and more. Furthermore, when tires are low on air, more of the tire surface touches the road, creating heightened levels of friction and heat. This heat may eventually build up to a breaking point, causing a severe tire blowout. Even without a sudden tire disaster, the increased surface area in contact with the road puts excessive wear on tire treads, walls and interiors, diminishing your tire's overall longevity.

      Don't Wait too Long

      Many vehicle owners mistakenly assume that they do not need to check their tire pressure or inflate their tires unless the tires visibly appear low. In reality, you should check your tire pressure at least once per month and inflate your tires as often as needed. Tires may need air even if they do not show visual signs of being low. Tires should always be kept within 6 PSI of manufacturer recommendations. Say goodbye to the gas station air pump, and quickly inflate your tires whenever and wherever needed. Shop AutoZone online or in-store for the lowest prices on portable tire inflators.