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1-10 of 10 Results


      Tire Plugger Kit

      Save the Day With a Tire Plugger Kit

      Don't let a flat tire get you down. Sharp rocks and old screws can ruin your tire and your weekend. Get the best tire plugger kits for cars and trucks to repair your tire and keep you on the road. As long as the leak is on the tread you can easily plug the leak with these premium and affordable kits.

      Different Options for Different Occasions

      Plug kits come in a variety of types. Some kits offer two-in-one performance. Others are compact and lightweight enough to carry with you anytime you're on the road. Find the perfect plugger for your emergency road kit and select additional plugs for extra repairs. Before you repair your tire, you'll need to remove the flat. Carefully inspect it to find the issue. A puncture in the sidewall of your tire may not be effectively sealed with a plugger. A sidewall can easily burst when patched. The tread of your tire, on the other hand, can easily be repaired in just a few minutes. Not every hole can be sealed with a tire plugger. Extreme tears or holes may be too large for a plugger to complete seal. In that case, check out our selection of tires for a replacement tire at a great cost.

      Repair Process

      Remove the screw, nail or sharp rock from your tire. Place a piece of tape or other reminder on the spot to ensure you plug the hole in the exact location. Ream out the hole with a file or the included reamer on your plugger tool. Choose a tar worm from your repair kit or purchase additional tar worm plugs. Once threaded, you can easily press it into your tire and pull it straight out. When plugged properly, your tire should fill to the correct pressure as normal. This cost-effective solution is far more efficient than replacing your entire tire. Sometimes the best repair solution for a sudden flat tire is a plug. Shop for tire plugger kits near me. Durable metal components and comfortable plastic or rubber handles make these pluggers easy to use. Many kits include an ergonomic handle for even greater comfort and leverage.

      How to Make the Best Choice

      Choose affordable or premium options for versatile repairs. Some plugs include rubber cement and are designed to last longer and create a tougher seal. Others are easy to use and cost-effective for short-term repairs. For best use, consider rotating and balancing your tires after plugging. A tire plug can effectively seal your tire, but may affect the weight distribution of your tires. Shop at AutoZone for the lowest prices on tire plugger kits. Check out our detailed online catalog or swing by a local AutoZone location to talk to friendly and knowledgeable experts. A flat tire doesn't have to be an expensive or time-consuming accident. Choose a tire plugger kit for a safe and cost-effective repair.