Great Neck 30 pcs. tire repair plugs

Great Neck 30 pcs. tire repair plugs

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Part #26684
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Everyone gets a flat tire sooner or later — and it can happen when you least expect it. But OEMTOOLS offers one of the best car tire repair tools for quickly getting you back on the road. The next time you have a leak or punctured tire, in just a few easy steps, OEMTOOLS 30 Pack Tire Repair Plugs for tire repair kits will get you back on the road safely without needing to use the spare tire. These car tire patches are a necessary addition to your auto tire repair kit. A puncture repair kit with plugs for a flat tire patch allows you to perform a tire puncture repair on most vehicles without removing the tire from the rim. Use tire repair cement as adhesive with a tire repair kit plug to ensure that tire leaks and punctures are completely secure. A pack of 30 tire plugs allows you to repeat the flat tire repair process if any leaks remain with your tire. Our automotive tire patch is designed for our 26683 Tire Repair Kit, but also works with any T handle tire plug kit. With the OEMTOOLS Tire Repair Plugs, you'll drive with peace of mind knowing you're ready for unexpected roadside emergencies.

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    Easily Repair Punctured Tubeless Tires on Most Vehicles without Removing the Tire from the Rim
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    Also Repairs Tires on ATVs, RVs, Lawnmowers and Other Tubeless Tires
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    Repair Plug Refill Set for OEMTOOLS 26682, 26683, 26686
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    Works with Any Other T-Handle Style Tire Repair Kit (Standard Tire Plug: 3.8" x 0.2")
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    Includes 30 Tire Repair Plugs