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1-24 of 48 Results


      Tire Pressure Gauge

      You don't have to be a mechanic to realize how important tires are to a functioning vehicle, but even the best tires will give you a lackluster driving experience if they don't have the right air pressure. When a tire is flat or very low on air pressure, it can be easy diagnose visually. You might feel it when you're driving, or you might see the tire bulging at the sides under the weight of your vehicle. It's much harder to tell when a tire is inflated slightly below your vehicle's correct tire pressure. Make sure your tires are correctly inflated with a tire pressure gauge from AutoZone.

      Even slightly underinflated tires wear out faster than tires inflated to the correct pressure, and they can hurt your fuel economy too. Luckily, a tire air pressure gauge is an affordable way to easily keep tabs on your tires' air pressure. Just press the gauge to your tire's valve stem and read the meter. On a pencil gauge, the tire's pressure will be the number that is closest to being inside the gauge after the scale is pushed out. We also have round gauges with needles and digital tire gauges with LCD displays that you can easily read in the dark.

      We carry a variety of analog and digital air pressure gauges from reliable brands like Milton and Slime that can measure up to 150 PSI or even more. PSI stands for pounds per square inch, the industry standard for measuring tire air pressure. Most passenger cars require between 32 and 35 PSI for proper inflation, while many trucks require up to 60 PSI. Large trucks and RVs can require even higher PSI.

      To find out how many PSI your tires need, look for the manufacturers recommended tire pressure in your owner's manual. Checking your tire pressure is crucial; a nice gauge can make it easy too. Get yours quickly with free shipping or buy one online and pick it up your local AutoZone.