Tire Valve Stem

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    1-24 of 27 Results

    About Tire Valve Stem

    Your Tire Valve Stem Does More Than You May Think

    Tire valve stems maintain air pressure and make it possible to inflate or deflate tires. AutoZone stocks the best tire valve stems for cars and trucks from brands such as Slime and Xtraseal. A valve stem tool makes installing a new valve stem on a wheel easier. More tools are necessary to install a valve stem on a wheel with a mounted tire.

    How to Put a New One On

    Valve stems consist of a body and cap that protect the core and prevent air pressure loss. Replace these parts if rubber components become cracked, or whenever you change the tires on a vehicle. We offer the lowest prices on tire valve stems and make it easy to find the components and tools you need. Insert a valve stem into the hole on a wheel rim from the inside of the wheel so that the nozzle sticks out of the wheel. Screw the valve stem tool over the stem and turn the tool clockwise to tighten. Maintain pressure on the valve stem from the inner side and prevent the stem from rotating with the tool. Pull the valve stem through the rim by placing the handle of the tool against the rim. Press down on the end to create enough leverage to raise the stem. Continue to pull until the first of two rings on the stem comes through to the outer side of the wheel. The second ring should remain on the inside of the wheel to achieve a secure fit. Rotate the tool counterclockwise and press on the bottom to release.

    Additional Help for Other Installation Challenges

    If a tire is mounted, it will be necessary to jack up a vehicle and remove the wheel to replace a valve stem. In addition to a valve stem tool, you will also need a lug or socket wrench or tire iron. Remove lug nuts and release air from the tire. Push the valve stem down to the side and insert the hook of the valve stem tool at the base of the stem. Give the tool a quarter turn to extract the valve. Align the insertion tool that comes with a new valve stem with the hole in the wheel. Lubricate the valve stem before attaching it to the valve stem tool and pressing it into the tire. Pull the top of the stem through the wheel and pull up on the tool to bring the first ring through the wheel.

    AutoZone Has Your Back

    AutoZone makes it easy to find chrome, metal or tubeless rubber tire valve stems. We also sell metal and plastic extenders for achieving a perfect fit. You can also get a valve stem tool and all of the parts necessary for wheel repairs. Find tire valve stems near me by arranging for store pick up or having parts shipped to your home.