Tire Valve Stem Cap

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    1-24 of 44 Results

    About Tire Valve Stem Cap

    Keep Tires Properly Inflated With a Tire Valve Stem Cap

    The best tire valve stem cap for cars and trucks is a simple part that screws onto the tire valve stem with ease. While you may think you don't need to bother replacing a broken or lost tire valve stem cap, the plastic caps are more than what they seem. The simple cap contains a seal that helps maintain tire pressure and prevent moisture and dirt from going into the valve stem core. Newer cars often feature tire pressure monitors to let you know when the tire pressure is lower than it should be. A missing or broken tire valve stem cap could falsely alert you that the tire pressure is wrong. The cap is simple to replace and helps your tires maintain the air pressure. Correct tire pressure provides a better driving experience regardless of the weather conditions.

    Seal Valve Stems

    Replacing the tire valve stem caps helps seal the valve stem. When the core of the valve stem fails, air leaks out. The tire maintains pressure better when the rubber seal of the tire valve stem cap is properly screwed on. Often a cap disappears during a tire rotation or when you check the air pressure between seasons. Don't neglect replacing the small, inexpensive part. It has a clear function beyond simple plastic. A quick search for tire valve stem caps near me provides a list of local auto parts stores. AutoZone offers low prices and exceptional customer service. We have a rewards program to help you save even more money. While a simple replacement part such as a tire valve stem cap may seem no big deal, each dollar on the rewards program saves you money.

    Check Tire Pressure

    Find the lowest prices on tire valve stem caps at your local AutoZone. We have the parts to check your tire pressure, replace the valve stem caps and check the valve stem itself. We understand the importance of a well-maintained vehicle and safe driving. By offering our customers access to tools, tips and tricks to maintain their vehicles and some free diagnostic tools, we aim to arm our customers with knowledge, so they can get back on the road. Safe driving is essential regardless of how old or new your vehicle is. Take a look around the store and make sure you have the essential items to maintain and repair your vehicle. Shop towels and hand cleaner are small items that make clean up after a routine maintenance that much easier. Don't let a missing tire valve stem cap leave you on the side of the road changing a flat tire after a long day at work. Come in and replace the part. Grab those shop towels to keep handy in case you ever do need to change that tire. You'll be thankful when the time comes.