Tire Valve Stem Core Remover Tool

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    1-8 of 8 Results

    About Tire Valve Stem Core Remover Tool

    Don't Let Tire Leaks Slow You Down

    If your tire has a slow leak, it could be that the valve is finally giving up the ghost. In order to replace your valve, you'll need a few specialized parts to get the job done, including a tire valve stem core remover, which arguably plays the most crucial role in the entire process. For the best tire valve stem core remover tools for cars and trucks on the current market, shop with us at AutoZone. We have a large selection of products that vary in shape, size and price to ensure you're getting exactly what you need for your tire repair job.

    Replacing a Faulty Tire Valve

    The tire valve stem core remover tool allows you to extract the full valve stem in order to replace it. The end is shaped like a “+” symbol, and it allows you not only to extract the stem but to thoroughly clean it as well. After confirming that the valve is the part of your tire that's leaking, remove the tire from your vehicle and deflate it entirely. Otherwise, you run the risk of internal pressure shooting the core outward at a high enough speed to cause bodily injury. Safety glasses are also recommended for use during this part of the process. Use the tool to unscrew the valve from the rest of the tire and dispose of the old, damaged core. Next, use the tapered end of your valve tool to clean out the stem itself, ensuring you get any and all debris from inside so that your new core will fit. Then, simply use your valve stem tool to install the new core, using the same end as you used to remove the old core. Hand-tighten the core, but don't wind it too tight – you could cause damage to the stem itself with too much twisting and turning.

    Choose the Right Tools for Your Project

    Using a tire valve stem core remover tool is simple enough, but for those who have never completed this sort of maintenance before, finding the right one can seem like a challenge. When you search “tire valve stem core remover tools near me,” you encounter a wide range of options, each of which appears wildly different and seem like they offer different functions. Some appear more like screwdrivers and tend to be the most basic, straightforward options, while others feature broader handles that make them easier to turn. Still others feature multiple heads. If you have any questions about which tool is right for your needs, visit your local AutoZone store and ask a knowledgeable employee about any questions you might have.

    Get Great Savings at AutoZone

    AutoZone offers both free advice on selection and the lowest prices on tire valve stem core remover tools, which means you'll get the perfect specialty tool you need without breaking the bank. Shop our extensive stock online or come into your nearest store today to get everything you need to fix that slow leak in your tire and get back on the road as soon as possible.