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1-24 of 96 Results


      Wheel Bolt and Stud

      Keep on Rolling

      The best wheel bolt and studs for cars and trucks secure your tires and wheels onto the vehicle. Without the tires, your vehicle isn't going anywhere fast or far. Wheel bolts are common on cars built in Germany and feature a tapered head attached to a threaded stem. The bolts lock through the hub, the wheel and brake rotor hat. Wheel studs are slightly different than bolts and feature the standard lug nuts that screw onto the mounted studs. Neither one is necessarily better than the other, but different manufacturers prefer one over the other. Your tires and wheels support the vehicle whether parked or speeding around the track. Making sure they are properly mounted to the vehicle is essential to vehicle safety.

      Great Selection

      When you type wheel bolt and studs near me, AutoZone offers a wide selection of both to fit your vehicle. A missing wheel bolt, stud or lug nut needs replacement sooner rather than later. Failing to replace a missing or damaged connector could result in irregular tire wear and even damage to the rotor. The wheel needs to sit flush against the rotor for proper braking. When replacing a tire on a vehicle with wheel bolts, remember that the rotor can still move and needs realignment to properly fit everything back together. Replacing a bent or broken stud is more complicated than a wheel bolt, since the stud is mounted onto the brake rotor hat. Exposure to the elements, over torqueing of lug nuts or improper installation can all damage or break wheel studs. Driving with missing lug nuts puts damaging pressure on the studs and wheel bearings, but other lug nuts may also fall off as a result. Then the tire can follow and cause more damage.

      Everything You Need

      AutoZone brings you the lowest prices on wheel bolt and studs. Combining knowledgeable staff with low prices and a wide selection makes us a one-stop shop for your auto parts needs. Whether you drive an old clunker or the latest luxury vehicle, we stock items to help you maintain and repair your vehicle. In addition to having the parts to repair or replace wheel bolts and studs, make sure your lug nuts properly screw onto the studs. Sometimes the lug nuts can be damaged and need to be rethreaded to fit properly on the stud. You'll also want to make sure you have a lug wrench that fits the size of lug nuts you have on your vehicle. One key thing to remember about lug nuts is only to tighten them to the point where they sit flush. Start on one corner then go to the opposite corner and around until all are tightened. Your tire stays flush and secure on the wheel with proper tightening techniques and tools.