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1-24 of 126 Results


      Wheel Center Cap

      Decorative Protection

      A form of hubcap, wheel center caps are the small, circular disk that can be found on the center of any wheel. They are largely decorative, and serve to hide lug nuts and bearings from view. By doing this, they also guard these crucial pieces against rust and debris, which helps them remain in pristine condition for longer. If you're looking for a stylistic upgrade or perhaps your wheel center cap has mysteriously gone missing, shop our selection of the best wheel center caps for cars and trucks to get your wheel back to its original glory in no time.

      Durable Materials

      Our collection of wheel caps are curated to look, work and feel as much like your original caps as possible, ensuring that your wheels perform and appear their absolute best after the replacement. These caps are made of high-quality materials such as styled steel or aluminum alloy, meaning they'll last longer and keep up with you in even rough-road situations. Some caps even feature a chrome coating, which gives you an easy, perfect way to add just a bit more shine to your tire without breaking the bank on new wheel covers or rims. If you're having trouble making your selection, don't worry. Our expert employees can take a look at your tires and recommend a cap with the closest look to your original if that's what you're going for, or can help you sort through alternate options if you're looking for a whole new look. Searching “wheel center caps near me” can help you find the nearest AutoZone store to you.

      Avoid the Rust

      Regardless of which you choose, you'll be buying a reliable, much-needed layer of protection for some of your wheels' most sensitive parts. Though wheel center caps are technically defined as decorative pieces, they do serve a function, and that's to keep dirt, grime, water and road debris away from lug nuts and bearings that otherwise might be prone to rusting and becoming brittle. The pieces are easy to install as well. After removing the existing center cap (a process that varies depending on the make and model of your car or truck) all that's left to be done is to fit the retainer ring into the open hole and then press the new center cap in until it snaps snugly into place. No clips are needed to hold this part into place, and installation can take seconds to complete once the old caps have been removed.

      Trusted Parts at an Affordable Price

      We're dedicated to giving our DIY mechanic access to the parts they need to keep their rides looking great and performing at peak performance over the years, which is why we offer the lowest prices on wheel canter caps from leading, trusted brands. Stop in at your local AutoZone store today or shop caps online to find the perfect match for your wheel.