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      Tonneau Cover

      If you own a truck, then you may worry about keeping its bed secure from the elements and other people. Luckily, you can get a tonneau cover to keep your bed and its cargo safe from snow, rain and other elements.

      What Is a Tonneau Cover?

      Tonneau covers function as lids for truck beds, but where some covers are constructed as a single solid piece, tonneau covers are usually made with hinges that allow partial opening.

      Tonneau covers are popular because people want to protect their truck beds from damage while also having a secure place to store some of their belongings. Keep in mind that truck beds can be time-consuming to clean and expensive to fix, so it's better to have a cover to keep the bed safe and protected.

      Facts to Know About Tonneau Covers

      Though each cover will be different from the others, there are still several facts to know about tonneau covers as a whole. There's the obvious, for one—they help keep rain, snow and debris out of the bed. Another is that they prevent cargo from flying out of the truck.

      Common Styles:

      - A tri-fold cover will fold into three sections as it uncovers the truck bed, with some covers opening from both the tail and the cab section. Tri-folds are made from a heavy vinyl that provides heightened protection while still maintaining a low profile.
      - Roll-up covers, while not as thick as the tri-folds, are incredibly simple to open and close, and give you the complete flexibility to decide exactly how much of the bed is exposed at any time.
      - Snap covers are lightweight, canvas covers that snap to several spots on the trim and tailgate. All these spots let you access your payload from just about any area, so you can grab something from the front or the back of the truck bed easily without removing the whole cover.
      - Hinge covers are heavier, hard tonneau covers that attach and open from a hinge at the back of the cab. These raise to an accessible angle but stay attached, so everything stays protected when raised.

      You should recognize that not all tonneau covers will be compatible with your truck; this is important to remember. The covers come in different sizes and lengths, so you will need to purchase one that fits the dimensions of your truck bed. Luckily, our website indicates which covers are compatible with the various types of beds.

      How to Choose the Right Cover for Your Truck

      From material type to size and vehicle model, every cover is different, so you have to keep a variety of factors in mind to figure out how to choose the right cover for your truck. For example, the Extang Trifecta 2.0 is a trifold cover made out of vinyl, which is a soft material. However, the Extang Solid Fold is also a trifold, but it is made of plastic.

      We make finding a cover that fits easy. Simply enter your truck's year, make, model, and engine up above to find the right size cover.

      Some will have clamps so you can easily install the cover and remove it as needed. Others will provide UV protection so you can keep your bed and belongings safe from the sun. You'll need to see which covers offer the features that matter most to you.

      Tonneau covers stand out as necessary accessories for truck owners who want to keep their truck beds safe and in peak condition. We at AutoZone have multiple tonneau cover types available so you can find one that you like. If you're ever unsure, feel free to reach out to your local AutoZone.