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Reese Towpower Trailer Hitch 44531
  • Part # 44531
  • SKU # 904945
Notes: Class III/IV, Drilling Required, Weight Carrying: 350 Lb. Tongue Weight/3500 Lb. Gross Trailer Weight, Weight Distributing: 400 Lb. Tongue Weight/4000 Lb. Gross Trailer Weight, Requires Temporary Removal Of Bumper During Installation, Fascia Trimming Required. Installation Time 100 Minutes. Rear
Curt Trailer Hitch 13573
  • Part # 13573
  • SKU # 981367
Notes: Class III/IV, 2" Receiver. Rear. 3500 lb Gross Trailer Weight; 350 lb Tongue Weight; 4000 lbs. Weight Distributing; 400 lbs. Weight Distributing Tongue Weight. Drilling Required; Main Body Concealed; Temporary Bumper Removal; Install Time 180 Minutes; Fascia Trimming Required.
Draw-Tite Trailer Hitch 75371
  • Part # 75371
  • SKU # 378638
Notes: Class III/IV, Rear. 350/3,500 lbs. Weight carrying (tongue weight / gross trailer weight). 400/4,000 lbs. When used with a weight distribution kit (tongue weight / gross trailer weight). Drilling required. Install time is 100 minutes. Minor cutting of fascia may be required


2010 BMW X3 Trailer Hitch

Increase your towing capabilities with a new 2010 BMW X3 trailer hitch. These aftermarket truck accessories can be bolted or welded to a vehicle's frame. We carry multiple classes of hitches to meet the demands of different towing setups and different vehicles. Browse our selection of 2010 X3 trailer hitches, and find the right part at the right price.