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Trailer Wiring Adapter

Adhering to Trailer Road Rules Made Easy
The best trailer wiring adaptors for cars and trucks operate the trailer lights. The wiring adaptors sync the vehicle's lights with the trailer to signal turning and brake use. The law requires a trailer to having working lights in order to be on the street. Whether you bought a trailer to haul items or plan to buy a travel trailer, you need functioning lights on the trailer. Pulling a trailer behind your vehicle changes the risks associated with driving. Having functioning tail, stop and signal lights makes pulling that trailer safer for you and those around you. Chances are you're already going below speed limit and staying in the slow lane, but eventually the vehicle comes to a stop or needs to turn. A properly functioning wiring adapter gives other drivers a head's up on your plans. Signaling can provide you with more room to make wide turns when necessary.

Understanding the System
A search for trailer wiring adapters near me shows multiple brands and wiring types. The most commonly used wire system is the three-wire system. There is a wire to the turn, stop and tail light that needs to be converted to two wires to connect to the single trailer light wire. So, there is a connector and a converter as part of these systems. A two-wire system has two wires coming from the vehicle and converts to the single wire for the trailer light. Older vehicles and some more recent vehicles commonly have the two-wire system. The Pulse Width Modulation system is a common feature in modern vehicles used with LED and incandescent lights. STT systems is a PWM system using one wire to control turn, tail and stop lights that is converted to the single trailer light. The ST system is a PWM system using two wires that is converted to one for the trailer. Both STT and ST systems have a converter and a connector.

Get Back on the Road with Quality Parts and Expert Help
Our team members can find the right trailer wiring adaptor for your vehicle. AutoZone has the lowest prices on trailer wiring adapters and friendly staff. Stay in compliance with the law and properly signal stops and turns with the right trailer wiring adapter. Ask a staff member any questions you have about how to install the trailer wiring adapter. Some makes and models come equipped with factory-installed connectors, but other models may need custom wiring or the help of an electrical converter to work. If you've already installed the wiring adapter but the lights are not working, check the ground connection. When the ground connection goes bad, the lights may fail even if there is a charge on the voltmeter. Use the existing ground connector on the vehicle to prevent intermittent failure or bad connections. If no ground connections are available, bolt the wire to the chassis for a secure grounding.