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Blue Ox 2000lbs Gross Tongue Weight, with Spring Bars, Standard Coupler, Nolt-On Latch

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The SwayPro hitch from Blue Ox gives your customers worry-free sway prevention in a weight distributing hitch unlike any other hitch on the market: The preset hitch head employs caster in the head to keep the trailer in line with the tow vehicle. SwayPro’s rotating latches pre-load the true spring steel bars, providing a center forcing that prevents sway caused by wind, passing vehicles, and winding roads. SwayPro’s spring steel bars work without friction points to prevent trailer sway in any weather, including rain and snow. SwayPro is quiet, you will not hear any of the noises created by hitches that use friction. SwayPro can be used with nearly any tow vehicle and any trailer. There is no need to buy a new hitch when changing trailers. Simply buy new spring bars that are rated for the tongue weight of the new trailer.
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    Open Head Provides Easy Access For Tightening The Hitch Ball. Weight Distribution Is Built Into The Hitch Head, No Fine Tuning Or Adjustments Are Necessary
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    Easy Hook Up And Disconnect
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    The Powder Coat Finish Provides A Professional Appearance, Aids In Rust Prevention, And Prolongs The Life Of The Product
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    Rotating Latches Clear Obstacles That Are Mounted Above The Frame And Keeps Chains From Swinging To Eliminate Sway
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    Spring Bars Automatically Lock Into Place, Simply Turn 90 Degree To Remove
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    Sway Is Controlled By The Signature Series Rotating Latches And Spring Bar Attachment
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    Grease Is Captured Inside The Bar Pivot Head, No Messy Bars To Deal With
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    Limited Lifetime Warranty