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1-15 of 15 Results


      Door Edge Molding

      Great Value on Everything You Need for an Optimal Car Door

      The molding on the edges of vehicle doors provides a better door seal and protects the body. AutoZone stocks the best door edge molding for cars and trucks, including a variety of styles from industry leader Cowles Products. Search or browse to find out more about the available options.

      Repairing the Molding

      Door edge molding is not difficult to remove and replacement should not take a long time. Start by applying heat to door edge molding and then peel it off. This process may be easier if you park a vehicle in a sunny spot on a warm day to allow this component to warm. You can speed up the process by using a hair dryer to soften the adhesive.

      Work section by section and gently pull off the old molding. Remove each line of door edge molding starting at the top and moving toward the bottom. You should then clean off any remaining adhesive. It can be helpful to reheat adhesive with a hair dryer and then use an adhesive remover that is intended for automotive use. Clean the area where the adhesive was to ensure that no dust or residue remains prior to installing new edge molding.

      Get the Right Parts the First Time

      You can find the lowest prices on door edge molding at AutoZone. The cost of this component varies depending on the quantity you need and the style you select. Basic black door edge molding made of high-grade PVC with UV protection and high-quality adhesive can be very affordable. You can also find various widths of molding with a chrome finish.

      This component is sold in pieces. Make sure that you purchase a sufficient length to replace the molding on as many door edges as necessary. Start the installation process by making sure that a piece of molding is long enough to fit around the contours and curves of a door. Wrap the molding around the door to see whether the material is long enough.

      Quick Installation

      Peel off the backing from the new molding and begin attaching it to the door edge. It is a good idea to start at the top of the door and work toward the bottom. Push down on the molding and smooth out the material. Trim any excess molding. Repeat this process on any other doors that need to have door edge molding replaced.

      You can install new molding as soon as possible by searching for door edge molding near me. AutoZone offers store pick up and fast shipping on many door molding styles. You can also find adhesive removers and other components necessary to remove old molding and install new molding. We have one of the largest selections of exterior dress up components and make it easy for you to get everything you need to protect and accessorize any vehicle.