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Learn how to pick the right size hitch ball and how to level your towing equipment.

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Light bars are the easiest way to massively boost off-road visibility. Learn how they work and how to install them on your truck.

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Trailer Light Troubleshooting

If your lights aren't turning on, it's usually a grounding problem in the trailer wiring. Learn how you can test your trailer light installation and ensure they are properly grounded in a few simple steps.

A Guide to Diagnosing Trailer Electrical Problems

Troubleshooting a problem with your trailer wiring? Watch this short video to learn how to use a probe tester to quickly and easily find the answers you need.

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LEER tonneau covers

If you want truck bed protection that is strong but lightweight, look no further than LEER’s wide selection of folding, retractable, and fiberglass tonneaus. LEER’s sleek and modern designs will not only improve the style and performance of your truck, but also reduce drag for a more fuel-efficient and aerodynamic ride. When it comes to tonneaus, LEER has you covered.


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How much your truck can tow will primarily depend on the type of truck you drive. You can find out how much your truck is rated to safely tow by checking the owner's manual. Some vehicles also have this rating on a tag posted on the inside of the driver's doorjamb.

In essence, installing a trailer hitch means bolting the hitch to threaded holes on a frame. The hitch will come with instructions for installation on your specific vehicle. If you drive an older truck that has not had a hitch installed before, you may need to use a thread tapper to clean the threaded holes before installing.

Just like towing capacity and trailer hitch installation, the right hitch ball depends on your vehicle. The hitch ball you choose will need to be a specific size to keep your trailer level. Learn how to level your trailer and choose the right hitch ball here.

Light bars can help you get a much better view of the road when you're driving off-road or anywhere that light is low. Plus, with the right tools and supplies, installation is a breeze. Check out our step-by-step guide for installing light bars here.