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1-24 of 470 Results


      Truck Tool Box

      A Place for Everything

      If you are a truck owner, chances are you are ready for some hard work and, probably, some hard play. Whether it's part of the job, a rugged outdoor hobby or just being a helpful citizen, people with trucks are often the first ones others look to for help when facing car troubles—or when someone needs to move. To be ready for the unexpected, keep your gear neat and secure by doing a search for truck tool boxes near me. When AutoZone pops up, you can count on us to carry the right quality accessory to fit your vehicle for storing whatever you need. We can help you find the right one to create your own heavy-duty personal organizer that can handle the heaviest of tools, emergency equipment and everyday basics. Whether you want something simple or a little more flashy, we got you covered.

      Durable Construction

      While most boxes or chests on the market are made of aluminum, there are steel or stainless steel options available. When looking for the most cost-effective option, aluminum is often the way to go. Regardless of which you choose, you can count on us carrying high-quality and durable brands that are weather-resistant and built tough. The aluminum and stainless options are corrosion resistant while the steel ones are powder-coated to resist rust. If looking for something more lightweight, aluminum provides the durability you need without the extra weight. Although less rugged, plastic ones are available that are lighter, do not rust and still protect your assets. Depending on your preference, how they operate differs. The most common lid styles are single, double or gull-wing. No matter your choice, you can count on secure hinges that are made for regular use.

      Precise Fitment

      To ensure you get the best truck tool boxes for cars and trucks, knowing your vehicle's measurements is key. While many brands may have similar measurements, you don't want to just wing it. Finding which tool box or chest will fit perfectly means measuring the truck bed, especially the distance between bed rails, which will tell you how wide you can go. It's also important to measure the outside of the rails to each other, as well as the bed walls. Purchasing an accessory that is too tall can hamper visibility, potentially affecting driving safely. Once you have the right fit, installing a toolbox is easy. They are designed to stay secure and come with the clamps and hardware needed for mounting.

      Finding a Deal Is Easy

      From crossover toolboxes with auto-lift to a steel top-mount style, AutoZone has the lowest prices on truck tool boxes. Our wide selection makes it easy to find the right style at the right price to keep your gear protected from the elements and theft.