E3925M in a 1997 Blazer\, GMC Jimmy\, Olds Bravada

we're a walk through the steps in order to replace the fuel honest ninety six Chevrolet blazer before we begin the repair will now disconnect the negative battery cable I need to believe the pressure of the system always reassuring capture any fuel it to bleed off into a safe container now %HESITATION raise the vehicle in order to gain access to the fuel tank loosen the fuel filler pose and vent hose now we will remove the straps or start lowering the time be sure and just work the fuel filler hose invent those loose in the lower the sign once we lower the tank to this position we now have access to the fuel line fittings and electrical connect we will first disconnect the electrical connection being sure to remove the safety retainer now I can disconnect the fuel line fittings note that there may be some residual pressure at this point maturing capturing fuel in a safe container now we will disconnect the missions too on the front of the tank %HESITATION make sure and clean the outside the tank before remove the fuel pump this is the keep any unwanted debris from getting in the tank now if playing the top of the tank or move our feline retainer to re re used on the new phone this is a snap ring style locked during the snap ring fire always be sure and look at the hampering to ensure that it's not ban or rush to the point of not being able to reuse it free installation our or remove the fuel pump model from the tank thanks seal place it where you won't drop it into the tank all of this fuel pump Montrose and whether as a result be sure to capture any fuel it may be in that region at this point we need to drain the remaining fuel into safe container and then clean the inside of the time real measures thank as clean as possible to allow a clean environment now let me clean the inside of the tank we can install a new air text fuel pump in with the fuel pump modular the tank CEO Jim Warren connector that may be used on some application the sender arm is attached to the fuel pump present or the need to remove their red protecting cap on the end of the center on now we will install the four arm into the centers and making sure that bullet snaps into place before we install a pump module into the tank will install the tanks feel about halfway up on the module on the top of the fuel pump **** is in locating tem also on the top of the tank is a location where this tab will set no install the tanks CO two years a light lubricant around the bottom edge of the plans to help with installing it into the sea now we'll take our locking ring started in one side and just working around features a locking ring is fully seated in the retainers on top the time before reinstall the tank in the vehicle insert the feline retainer clip into the into the fuel line be sure inspecting the fuel line thing make sure that's not damage now we're ready to reinstall tank in the vehicle now we've got the tank partially into the vehicle we will need to re position the fuel filler hose invent hose on to their fittings reconnect the emissions line on the front of the time we can re attach %HESITATION fuel line connections and our electrical connections always be sure to reinstall the safety retainer on your electrical connect we can now reinstall our tank straps with a tank completely installed we're ready to finish the installation or fuel filler hose inventor %HESITATION reconnect the negative battery cables and cycle a key two to three times three charges once we have the system **** the start the vehicle montrer fuel pressure to make sure that is within vehicle specifications remove the gauge shut the engine off and leave the pressure from the system using their pressure relief on the game making sure to cap for any fuel in a safe container