The 5-Step Paint Care Cycle

with the wide variety of G. telling products available choosing the right products to detail your car can be a bit overwhelming once you understand the wires five step take care cycle choosing the right product becomes much easier washing removes loose contaminants like dust dirt and road film that is sitting on top of your finish always use a high quality car wash like wired gold class car wash and never use dish washing detergents as they will strip your wax protection in addition we recommend washing the car a minimum of once a week to keep the car looking at absolute best and free of contaminants don't forget to minimize water spots always wash your car in the shade and make sure the surface is cool to the touch this step removes defects like oxidation state swirls over spray and even fallout which is vital for cheating crystal clear reflections and long lasting protection on the condition of your car this is done by using our snoozer please click here and one of our clear coat safe pain cleaners like squirrel electoral remover for wires full to make contact if your car is already in good condition and free of defects you can skip the cleaning staff and move directly to polishing or waxing if your Polish like midwives deep crystal Polish is an optional step that is designed to bring out maximum lost if you have a dark colored vehicle and are looking for the absolute cheapest cost possible you want to apply deep crystal Polish before plan a wax it's also a good choice if you just had your car payment if you like to Polish your car during that all important curing process when you're not allowed to fly traditional wax when a layer of wax like McCord gold class carnival plus for next generation tech wax two point oh is the best way to protect your finish from those harsh elements whether you use liquid or paste we recommend waxing your vehicle at least three to four times per year for maximum protection to make this step even easier spray wax like wires ultimate Quik wax is a great alternative this step is all about keeping your car looking its best product like my wife to make quick detail is the perfect choice for removing light dusting for fingerprints on a regular basis simply missed on and wipe off in your car looks like it was just the now that you understand the Maguire's five stepping care cycle it will be easy to choose the right products and achieve better results each and every time you do tell your car for additional detail in tips and techniques for service care specialist four visit Maguire's dot com