How to Install Sun Visor Repair Kit

how to install Dorman products sun visor repair kits available for Ford explorers mercury mountaineers two thousand five through two thousand to a link in a B. two thousand five two thousand three our sun visor repair kit provides replacement of the failed mild instead of the entire assembly our party is easy to install direct fit replacement it is a complete kit repair including all hardware needed for a complete repair first remove the crank original plastic plate from the vehicle once removed unscrew the visor screws in slightly pull one visor back on the rubber lining to reveal an access the sun visor connector underneath once unconnected carefully poured stronghold in please visor on a workbench next is to remove the metal ring found around the base of the court when the metal ring has been removed push back on the plastic to get please the provided plastic ring around the new brand then the bracket by **** in the bowl provide to complete the installation reinstall sun visor back into the vehicle reversal