How to Install Modual reservoir Fuel Pump Assembly

here we have a typical in tank fuel pump modulus and we're gonna go through steps in order to replace it before we begin the repair store moves the negative battery we will now believes pressure on the system using the pressure making sure to catch any feel that you believe now the system is safe container in order to do a proper fuel pump replacement we need to clean the inside of the tank and that will require the removal of the time in order to remove the tank we have to disconnect our fuel filler hose our emissions hoses you need to remove the fuel lines can disconnect electrical connector %HESITATION make sure to clean the outside the tank before remove the fuel pump my this is the keep any unwanted debris from getting in the time there are four basic ways of fuel pumps are retained in the tank with a focus our retainer you just simply take the retaining that's all and pull the compound with a twist lock retaining ring you will take a non fares brass punch in ternary and counter clockwise to remove it always inspect your tank green insure that it's not damaged to hinder the reinstallation I think that brings value will be required to use a set of snap ring plier in order to remove it so it's important to look at the snap ring to make sure that it's not compromise in anyway as far as with rust that would inhibit its ability to seal properly in order to remove this Darlin style retaining ring you'll be required to use a spanner in this can be attained in most parts store return adjust the spanner wrench for proper fit to avoid damaging retains now I can remove the fuel pump module from the tank the reservoir to bomb the module will contain some residual fuel be sure to capture this into a safe container it's important to clean the tank inside and out cleaning a tank is a time consuming and dirty job but it is single most important thing as far as a proper installation fuel pump I need a clean environment pumped operating slide into the tank noting the arm not mandated %HESITATION this foreman now we can install a tank back into the vehicle ray reconnect the negative battery cable and cycle a key in order to charge the system we'll start the vehicle monitor pressure to share this with Dan vehicles best to remove the gate shut the engine off and leave the pressure from the system using their pressure relief on the game making sure to cap for a fuel in a safe container