Improving Vehicle Performance

does it seem like your car could use a little boost or you an auto enthusiast looking for more power to easy upgrades to improve your vehicle's performance or to increase the intake airflow and reduce exhaust restriction today we're gonna show you how to do this with a few upgrades from Canaan and dynamax hang on get in the zone auto zone Hey I'm sure this is Todd Gordon race winning crew chief for the two thousand fifteen Daytona five hundred for team Penske has gone good I want to start off I think in the guys that came in and filters and dynamax exhaust systems for providing these parts Todd tells the basics of what these two share simply put our comes in through the front of your vehicle and into the air filter this takes the dust and debris out of the air they could follow up your engine mixes with gas your intake manifold and ignites in the engine that it goes out the exhaust you can improve the performance of your vehicle by modifying your engine but that can get expensive and time consuming an easier way to make more horsepower is to increase the air flow in and out of the motor well let's take a look at this piece by piece and show you where you can improve performance in automotive air filter is designed to prevent abrasive particles from entering the engine where it would cause mechanical wear and oil contamination air filters don't just blocked or they also restrict air combustion engines need air more air equals more power so upgrading your air filter is a great place to start getting better performance from your ride in the early sixties there were two motorcycle racers Kim Johnson in Norman Donald I got fed up with restrictive air filters these filters quickly became clogged and could not be cleaned their frustration inspired innovation and the washable reusable Canaan high flow air filter was born canon's high flow air filters are designed with four to six layers of surgical grade cotton balls instead of paper %HESITATION breeds easier naturally which in turn increases air flow reduces intake tract restriction and therefore helps your car truck or motorcycle run better installation of a cannon replacement filter is incredibly simple in most cases can be done without the use of tools just drop it in place of your stock filter the next step up is the installation of a K. and N. air intake or cold air induction system these are also easy to put in let's go have a look AT one installed this system replaces the factory air filter and air intake housing it's designed to dramatically reduce intake restriction as the smooth and straight in the air flow path this allows your car's engine to take in a larger amount of error than the factory air filter assembly more air means more usable power and acceleration throughout the engines RPM range this particular system comes with a high flow air filter and a lightweight carbon fiber he shall live that directs cooler air into the custom molded intake for guarantee power game with this upgrade you should notice stronger acceleration thanks the horsepower boost this will give your motor let's take a quick look at the different options for improving exhaust efficiency this will not only increase power but can really wake up your vehicle's exhaust sound and your neighbors possibly as well there's two popular ways that you can improve the sound and performance of your vehicle's exhaust one method is to replace the stock mufflers with high flow units such as this dynamax alter flow mufflers now this will require some extra work and is a bit more difficult as the preferred method is to cut the pipe and well the muffler some place most muffler shops can knock this out quickly the second method is to use a high flow cat back exhaust system this system bolts on with basic tools and we'll give you the most improvement and exhaust efficiency aftermarket performance exhaust systems use what's called mandrel bending to shape their pipes this insures that the diameter is constant through the band keeping the air flow study on its way to the muffler and again the muffler gives the exhaust that rich remember exhaust flow directly impacts the engines efficiency and therefore power output well that about wraps it up to find out more check out our product videos and information at AutoZone dot com or head to your nearest neighborhood office on top good luck to you enjoy out there on the track thanks get in the zone auto zone